Regulatory Assistance - Regulations and Standards

Government regulations, also called rules, specify mandatory legal requirements that (a) must be met under specific laws, and (b) implement specified general agency objectives. These requirements may address health, product safety, frequency spectrum protection, environmental effects, quarantine requirements, consumer protection, packaging and labeling, product characteristics, or other matters in the public interest. A regulation may consist of agency-developed technical specifications or requirements, or may permit use of particular private sector standards as means of compliance.

With global market access, regulations and standards for each market must be fully evaluated and reported, even at the product design phase, and implemented in the overall product "Design for Compliance".

SIEMIC, with a diversified team of experts, provides our customers with the following services:

  • Market access analysis and investigation of applicable legal requirements
  • Regulatory compliance planning prior to product lunch
  • Standards research and creation of compliance test plans for specified markets
  • Advocate on the regulatory frameworks for specific country, region or local government
  • Obtain necessary certifications, licenses and permits for legal sales
  • Perform conformity assessment per legal requirements
  • Perform inspections if required for the product shipment
  • Customs agency assistance and local representative services for certifications

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