Regulatory Assistance - Design for Compliance

It's a common engineering maxim that more than 80% of the cost of a product is locked in after the initial design stage is complete. The product development process is critical for meeting customer and marketing requirements, as well as driving key business initiatives. Manufacturers are leveraging the development process, along with design and bill of materials (BOM) data to ensure compliance with regulations, such as EU Directives, FCC regulations, and Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS). The most cost-effective approach to achieving product compliance is incorporate the regulatory requirements into the product development process, which is known as "Design for Compliance".

SIEMIC, with extensive technical and agency process experience, along with the latest testing technologies and methods, can prove that "Design for Compliance" will provide increased revenues and reduced product development schedules and expenses.

SIEMIC provide "Design for Compliance" from the following aspects

  • Initial design review and simulation of product performance to ensure the prototype meets the basic regulations
  • Perform engineering tests on prototype or phase I design products, before the design is finalized
  • Trouble-shooting on the prototype or phase I design, if the test measurements do not meet or provide enough margin to comply with specifications
  • Final testing before product is in production line, as the final step to ensure the production unit will meet the requirements
  • Random but routine sample verifications from production line to ensure the product has consistent quality and on-going compliance with regulations, in case of a future agency audit

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