Compliance Testing - SAR & HAC

SAR - Specific Absorption Rate

Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) testing, is required for body-worn, held-to-head, and close proximity wireless devices. The RF energy absorbed by human tissue, from wireless devices, needs to be measured and must be within regulatory limits. These kind of devices include mobile phones, computers with wireless modules, walkie-talkies, wireless microphones, etc.

HAC - Hearing Aid Compatibility

The U.S. Hearing Aid Compatibility Act of 1988, requires that audio frequency magnetic output of wireline telephones, be compatible with the operation of a hearing aid. With the introduction of wireless devices and services in the 1990s, it was determined that excessive RF interference could substantially interfere with the hearing aid audio signal.

So now, HAC testing involves measuring the magnetic and electric field from a phone, to ensure it does not interfere with the sound quality of the hearing aid. HAC testing is in accordance with the ANSI C63.19 standard, which specifies the audio magnetic field for T-coil coupling, as well as the allowable RF interference level for E-field and H-field, as a function of hearing aid RF susceptibility.

SAR & HAC measurement system

Our SAR & HAC measurements are performed with the automated near-field scanning systems from DASY and SATIMO. Both systems are based on a high precision robot, which positions the probes within a positional repeatability of better than ± 0.02 mm tolerance.

SATIMO: SAR measurements were conducted with a dosimetric probe (manufactured by SATIMO), designed in the classical triangular configuration, and optimized for dosimetric evaluation. The spherical isotropy was evaluated with the procedure described in the SAR / HAC standard, and found to be better than ±0.25 dB.

DASY6: In June 2017, after a successful review of the Sensor Model Calibration (SMC) and fulfilling the additional requirements requested previously by FCC and ISED, the FCC signaled the acceptance of cDASY6 measurements performed with SMC calibrated probes and MAIA.

SIEMIC SAR & HAC Testing capability

Country Standard Product
United States IEEE 1528, IEEE C95.1, OET 65C Mobile phone, Handheld computer, Portable VHF and UHF radios, Tablet, Laptop, etc…
Canada RSS 102
Australia /
New Zealand
AS/NZS 2772.1
Japan Japan Article 14-2
Europe EN 62209-1/-2, EN 62311, EN 50357, EN 50360, EN 50361, EN 50371, EN 50383, EN 50385, EN 62479
Taiwan CNS 14959
Korea RRA Notice 2012-23

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