Compliance Testing - EMI/EMC Testing

EMC measurements are required by many different governments throughout the world. EMC is a critical compliance issue for digital equipment / device manufacturers. With the increased use of wireless communications, the potential for interference from digital devices is also increasing.

Leveraging extensive resources, via advanced EMI / EMC measurement equipment, SIEMIC Labs provides necessary testing services, defined by global specification/s, including CISPR, IEC standards, FCC part 15, ICES 003, EN55032 / EN55024, EN301489 series, KCC, VCCI and BSMI. Our EMC test reports are accepted by almost all the major countries and regions within the world. Using our one-stop-shop service, customers can have their product/s tested at one location, and achieve worldwide certification, for globally product compliance.

Using our 10 meter, radiated emissions anechoic test chamber, we can provide test results meeting KCC and BSMI requirements, which specify emission measurements, at a test distance of 10 meters. Our test system is capable of frequency ranges up to 40GHz, to support the latest radiated emission requirement/s, above 1GHz. With internally-developed, fully automated, parameter adjustable test software, we provide a fast and accurate testing service. This is both for standard, and non-standard equivalent, testing services.

Example of major EMC test standard

Country Standards
United States FCC Part 15, Part 18
Canada ICES 003
Australia/New Zealand AS/NZS CISPR 22
Japan VCCI - V series
Europe EN 55022/EN 55024
EN 55011
EN 55013
EN 55020
EN 61000-6-3
EN 61000-6-4
EN 60601-1-2
EN 61000-3-2
EN 61000-3-3
EN 61326-1
Taiwan CNS 13438
Korea RRA Notice # 2012-21, RRA Notice # 2012-22

SIEMIC EMI/EMC Testing capability

Test Item Test Level
Conducted Emissions (AC port and Telecommunication port) 100-230VAC, up to 100A current
Radiated Emissions 9KHz to 40 GHz, at 1m/3m/10m distance
Radiated Immunity Test level up to 20 V/m, frequency range from 80MHz to 8GHz
Conducted Immunity Test level up to 20 V/m, frequency range from 0.15MHz to 80MHz
Electro-Static Discharge Support Air and Contact discharge with test level up to 30 KV
EFT/B Immunity Test level up to 4KV
Surge Immunity Test level up to 4KV
Interruption and Dips 100-230VAC, up to 16A current
Power Magnetic fields 50 or 60Hz frequency with test level up to 4A/m
Harmonics and Flickers 100-230VAC, up to 5000W rated power
*Services by SIEMIC or other Bureau Veritas group companies and partners

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