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The requirement for DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection) testing services are in high demand. Due to DFS features allowing radio manufacturers to use an expanded portion of the 5GHz band for wireless communication (originally allocated for radar use), provided the system detects and avoids any radar present, in the devices operational vicinity. The current regulatory compliance testing industry, especially third party compliance test labs are seeing lots of projects from this sector. DFS testing is a compulsory requirement for worldwide regulatory compliance, and addresses frequency bands 5.25GHz to 5.35GHz and 5.47GHz to 5.725GHz.

SIEMIC is one of the largest compliance test labs in the US, that has successfully developed a custom designed alternate DFS test system, which is approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). The SIEMIC DFS test system offers advantages, in terms of saving investment costs, by eliminating the need for expensive test equipment. The DFS test software can be easily upgraded, according to the latest global compliance standards.

SIEMIC’s custom designed alternate DFS test system was developed and refined base on guidelines and comments, from FCC personnel and open source reference material such as FCC-06-96A1.

The highlights of SIEMIC DFS test system is as following:

  • DFS Radar signal generation, pulsed, chirped and frequency hopping
  • FCC (Types 0 to 6)
  • ETSI EN 301 893
  • Japan W53 and W56
  • Korea (Types 1 to 4)
  • DFS response analysis (Channel Availability Check, 60 second non-transmit test, 30 minute test, Channel Move Time Check, Aggregate transmission time measurement)
  • Fully automated DFS In Service Monitoring testing
  • Graph Capture options

SIEMIC DFS Testing capability

Country Standard Product
United States FCC Part 15.407 802.11a/n/ac, Mobile phone, tablet, Access Point, Wireless Router, PTP radio link, PTMP radio link, etc…
Canada RSS-247
Australia /
New Zealand
AS/NZS 4268
Japan Article 2-1 No.19-3, Article 2-1 No.19-3-2
Europe EN 301 893, EN 302 502
Taiwan LP0002
Korea KCC Notice No. 2013-1
China MII announcement -[2007] No. 205

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